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READY to explore the world?

The WHILL Model Ci brings a fresh perspective to personal mobility with an innovative design and state-of-the-art technology—creating the confidence to drive anywhere with unprecedented independence and style.

Explore the world
  • Compact size, Intuitive controls and omni-wheels make maneuvering the world effortless and enjoyable.
Live . Work . Play
  • An all-wheel drive system, easy portability, and superb range, allows you to go from the office to the park in a single device.
Add a dash of Style
  • A modern design that matches your style and promotes positive social interactions.
Feel Safe and Secure
  • Exceptional stability keeps you in complete control, while best-in- class durability gives you peace of mind wherever you decide to go.
Matt Noah
"I am partially mobile, but distances challenge me. With my WHILL, I can now visit my son’s college, coach soccer, and do a lot more that I couldn't before."

MATT NOAH - Soccer Coach

Melanie Lefevre
"My favorite compliment is when they tell me that my WHILL is from the future. The design is so futuristic!"

MELANIE LEFEVRE, Social Entrepreneur