Innovation and Technology Guide 2018
for People With Motion Disabilities

The tech industry has made huge strides forward in recent years, and for those with motion disabilities, this has resulted in life-changing improvements in their day to day lives.

Our Innovation and Technology Guide takes you through the apps and websites that are leading the way in tech mobility.

Inside you'll find:

  • Apps for Navigating - make travel easier with these apps that provide you with accessibility information for locations and businesses all over the world. Never be caught off guard in a new city again.

  • Apps for Health - keep track of your daily performance, and set personal goals with these apps designed specifically for wheelchair workouts and fitness activities.

  • Cutting-Edge Chairs - discover the personal electric vehicle that you can control with the touch of an app, and a mobility device that allows users to complete everyday tasks from a standing position. 

  • High Tech Accessories - a smart accessory to monitor your posture and help combat chronic pain, to a new spin on the wheel that can be adapted to fit any major brand of ultralight wheelchair.

  • Tech to Watch -  the future of tech mobility has never looked so exciting. Find out what's on the horizon and when you can expect it.


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